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PCR test in Antalya

PCR test in Antalya: hotel, mobile, hospital, laboratory & airport

A Covid-19 PCR test is necessary for the return flight from Antalya without quarantine.

This applies to UK and Austria.

Here I have collected options for the test across the Antalya province, including the PCR test in the hotel, laboratory, hospital, mobile test teams are at  the airport.

If you are planning your trip to, you should also read through the article on the HES code.

I’ll start with the simplest solution, the PCR test in my own hotel.

1. PCR test in Antalya in a hotel

Hotels with more than 50 rooms must provide a Covid-19 PCR test station.

At seaside resorts such as Belek, Colakli, Side, Avsallar, Antalya-Lara, Avsallar and Kemer, more than 95% of travelers stay in hotels with more than 50 rooms.

The test in the hotel costs the same as in an external laboratory, a state hospital or in the airport – 170 Turkish Lira.

The test in the hotel is therefore the simplest solution.

If you pay in euros, the hotels usually charge € 17 to € 20 for the PCR test. You can also pay 170 Turkish Lira with one card, which is the easiest.

The results are valid for the return flight it is issued in English. The PCR test is valid for 72 hours, a rapid test for 48 hours. The hotels charge the same price for the rapid test as for a PCR test.

Depending on the hotel, you will be tested in the doctor’s room, in a specially furnished room or outdoors. This usually only takes 5 minutes – litaryly 5 minutes.

You register for the Covid-19 PCR test at the reception or with the guest relation staff at the hotel. A lead time of a few hours is necessary, some hotels also want to have the registration a few days in advance. Make the appointment the day before at the latest.

I would make the appointment on the day of arrival. That is the end of the matter.

The result usually arrives by email on the same day in the evening. The hotels will print out the result for you .

2. Package vacation with PCR test

The PCR test in the hotel is included in Bentour’s FlexSorglos option for € 29 per adult.

Bentour does all of the organization for the test. I’ve already tested this myself. They have their own test team that comes to the hotel.

In the event of a positive test, Bentour will cover the costs for the quarantine in Turkey and the return flight with the FlexSorglos option. This also applies to companions who tested negative.

You can withdraw from the trip up to 14 days before arrival without giving a reason.

In my opinion, this is the best combination of testing, insurance and flexibility on the market right now.

Feel free to write me a message for booking a FlexScarefree option with Bentour.

Alternatively, you can also use the comparison calculator to book a trip to Turkey with the booking option.

Non-binding advice for trips to Turkey

  • Surname
  • e-mail
  • Phone number (WhatsApp)
  • Number of people
  • Number of people
  • Inquire now
  • Registration PCR test in a hotel in Antalya Turkey
  • Example Delphin Imperial: Registration for the test three days in advance.

3. Order the mobile PCR test

You can also order a mobile test team at the seaside resorts in Antalya.

This is a recommendation for everyone who lives in small hotels with fewer than 50 rooms, in an apartment or in their own house in the province of Antalya.

This is especially true of Antalya’s old town Kaleici, the center of Alanya, Cirali, Kas, Adrasan, some small hotels in Kemer and some small hotels in Side.

There are mobile offers at the official price of 170 Turkish Lira and options with a surcharge of more than € 100. As always, the bandwidth in Turkey is large, more expensive does not automatically mean better.

Regardless of the offer, the result usually arrives on the same day in the evening at the latest.

The small hotels also have contacts for ordering external test teams. The price and conditions are different. Fortunately, there has been real competition among providers of mobile PCR tests in Antalya in the last few months.

Entrance to the test center in Antalya Airport

The entrance to the test center is next to the exit of the airport in Antalya.

4. PCR test at Antalya Airport and Alanya-Gazipasa Airport

A PCR test is possible at the exit of the terminal in Antalya Airport at a price of 170 Turkish Lira without a prior notice of 24 hours.

Schedule a queue of at least 30 minutes for registration and another 30 minutes for the test as a minimum.

The evaluation takes a maximum of 4 hours. Usually the results are available in 2 hours.

You should therefore book the transfer to Antalya Airport or Alanya-Gazipasa Airport earlier.

Remember that the airlines control the negative test at check-in. That’s why you take the test first, then you can usually check in first.

The airlines handle this differently. Call your airline to be on the safe side or plan enough time for the test before check-in.

5. PCR test in a laboratory, hospital or doctor in Antalya

The most expensive offers have private hospitals in Antalya with a price often more than 70 € – the result is issued in the shortest possible time.

This is an emergency solution for a quick return flight.

Private laboratories charge a price of 170 Turkish Lira or, depending on their modalities, the current exchange rate in euros or the typical € 17 to € 20.

You can find a list of possible offers for this in Antalya at MedClinicsTurkey.com. They ask for the correct exchange rate and have clinics at  main seaside resorts in Antalya.

The tests are mainly available at seaside resorts where you can simply come from the hotel to a laboratory, i.e. in the center of Antalya and Alanya.

More about the possible test locations can be found in the Covid-19 information from AntalyaTouristInformation.com. This also includes a list of hospitals that are currently offering a test.

Conclusion on the PCR tests in Antalya

I was one of the first to be back and normal in Turkey in June 2020.

At that time, PCR tests were only available in hospitals at a  horrendous price. The test at Antalya Airport came at the end of June 2020, which made traveling to Turkey a lot easier.

Due to the mandatory test offers in the hotels, the majority of travelers can take the test right in the facility. Turkish hotels are large, some with more than 1,000 rooms.

Therefore  thereis a very high probability that you will live in a hotel with its own test station. As soon as you live in a 5 star hotel or the name Resort is part of the name, you can be practically sure that your hotel has more than 50 rooms and is therefore offering a test.

The small hotels also organize external test teams. Alternatively, if  worst comes to  worst, you can still take the test at the airport.

If you have any questions, feel free to write to me in the comments below or send me an email to book with the PCR test included.