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Earthquake in Turkey

According to the latest official reports, at least 21,700 people were killed in Turkey at the start of the week because of the earthquake, including at least 3,300 in Syria. Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad made his first trip to the disaster area of Aleppo on Friday.

17,134 bodies have been cleared from the rubble so far in Turkey, and 3,162 have been counted in Syria.
The balance sheet, still provisional, continues to climb. More than 20,000 people died in the violent earthquake that shook southern Turkey and Syria on Monday, according to official reports published Thursday evening.

According to Afad, a Turkish relief organization, 17,134 bodies have been cleared from the rubble at this stage, and 3,162 have been counted in Syria, according to official counts, bringing the total number of deaths to 20,296.

Twenty-three million people are “potentially exposed, including around five million vulnerable people”, estimates the World Health Organization (WHO). She fears a major health crisis that would cause even more damage than the earthquake in Turkey.

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria : Research still in progress

Humanitarian organizations are particularly worried about the spread of the cholera epidemic, which has reappeared in Syria. Turkey has announced that it is working to open two other border crossings with Syria to allow the delivery of aid.

Thousands of homes are destroyed on both sides of the border and rescuers continue their efforts to search for survivors in the rubble, even though the crucial first 72-hour window for finding survivors has closed, the situation being further aggravated by freezing cold.

What you must remember :

Four days after the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, the balance sheets continue to rise. The 7.8 magnitude earthquake, which struck at dawn on Monday, destroyed entire towns in southeastern Turkey and northwestern Syria. According to the latest official reports published on Friday February 10, at least 21,719 people died, 18,342 in Turkey and 3,377 in Syria.