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Poshtel in Istanbul

Poshtel in Istanbul: Is were the city’s chic boutique hostels are located ?

The wooden villas are situated on the banks of the Bosphorus. Under the second Bosphorus bridge is a hostel.

Poshtel is a word creation from:

Posh “Schick” and “Hostel”.

That’s what it’s all about .

Chic hostels in Istanbul: have  original interiors, good food and at a good price.

5 original hostels in Istanbul all situated  in good locations

Rickety bunk beds and bad food – with bathrooms in the hallways. This is how far the hostel cliché goes.

There is another way.

Istanbul’s hostels are young.

This can be seen in the hip district of Beyoglu:With the new addition of 40,000 beds   in the recent years.

There are many hostels to chose from.

[yellowbox] Basics: If you want to book a special hostel, compare the prices with TripAdvisor. If you are looking for any hostel, is the best solution. [/ yellowbox]

The typical hostel booking sites have Istanbul’s hostels on offer at outrageous prices.

Booking offers are normally always cheaper. They are also shown in TripAdvisor’s price  

It will not show the prices of other hostels.

Therefore, always check thoroughly.

1. #Bunk Taksim Hostel

The #Bunk Taksim Hostels clearly corresponds to the category: “Poshtel in Istanbul” or “Boutique-Hostel”.

What can you expect from a  #Bunk Taksim?

Free breakfast, marble bathrooms and paintings on the ceilings: at a price from € 20.

It is in a good location near Taksim Square.

The bars, party rooms and nightclubs around Taksim Square and Istiklal Cadessi are interesting for backpackers.

The area is well connected to the rest of Istanbul by metro. You are a 20 min drive away from  Hagia Sophia.

Rating / price comparison: 253 Tripadvisor users gave their opinion on the #Bunk Taksim Hostel. They awarded the top mark “Excellent” 177 times and “Very Good” 56 times.

Address: Inonu Mah. Papa Roncalli Sokak No: 34, Elmadag, Sisli, 34373 Istanbul, Turkey

2. Cheers Lighthouse Hostel

 Cheers Lighthouse is in a perfect location

It is a few minute walk to the Blue Mosque or Hagia Sophia.

The best thing about the Cheers Lighthouse is the restaurant:

I have visited it for dinner many times myself.

This is due to the recipes from the Ottoman palace kitchen.Only a  few restaurants have this  menu and …

… even fewer restaurants can cook the traditionally  Ottoman recipes. Cheers can do this! At a reasonable price. A main course costs around € 10.

Breakfast is usually included in the price. The same goes for Turkish tea (Cay). You can drink it for free all day.

Rating / price comparison: 224 Tripadvisor users gave their opinion on the Cheers Lightouse. They awarded the top grade “Excellent” 198 times and “Very Good” 18 times.

Address: Kucuk Ayasofya Mahallesi Cayiroglu Sokak No: 18 Sultanahmet, Fatih, 34400 Istanbul, Turkey

3. Istanbul Taksim Green House Hostel

The Green House Hostel offers everything you would expect from a Poshtel in Istanbul :

A good location, friendly staff, good reviews, …

… Nicely furnished rooms at a reasonable price.

The Taksim in the name reveals where the hostel is.

It is a few minutes walk to Taksim Square and Istiklal Avenue. This is the location where Istanbul’s nightlife takes place.

In Istanbul’s old town Sultanahmet (Fatih), you can take the metro or tram for 20 minutes.

Rating / price comparison: 228 Tripadvisor users gave their opinion on Istanbul Taksim Green House Hostel. They awarded the top grade “Excellent” 170 times and “Very Good” 47 times.

Address: İnönü, Papa Roncalli Sk. No: 15, Şişli Istanbul, Turkey

4. Agora Guesthouse

The Agora Hostel is located in Istanbul’s old town Sultanahmet –  It is in a quiet location.

The house is a typical old Ottoman building, as can be found in Istanbul’s old town.

It is made of wood and has a wonderful roof terrace.

The roof terrace of the guesthouse offers a 360 ° view of Istanbul, the Bosphorus and the nearby Blue Mosque.

Rating / price comparison: 728 Tripadvisor users gave their opinion on the Agora Guesthouse Hostel. They awarded the top grade “Excellent” 597 times and “Very Good” 112 times.

Address: Akbiyik Cad Amiral Tafdil sok NO: 6 Sultanahmet, Fatih, 34122 Istanbul, Turkey

5. Second Home Hostel

The Second Home Hostel is close to all major attractions in Istanbul.

You can reach all turist attractions on foot: the Blue Mosque, the Grand Bazaar, the Galata Bridge …

The roof terrace and lobby of the hostel create a pleasant atmosphere.

The bar is a  meeting point in the evening to get to know Istanbul’s nightlife.

Many bars and restaurants are hidden in  side streets around the Second Home Hostel.

Rating / price comparison: 706 Tripadvisor users gave their opinion on the Second Home Hostel. They awarded the top grade “Excellent” 555 times and “Very Good” 116 times.

Address: Hocapasa Mh. Ebusuud Cd. No: 19 Sirkeci, Fatih, 34110 Istanbul, Turkey

This is how you can find other good hostels in Istanbul

I have  written them below: have the lowest prices for hostels in Istanbul.

This is due to the regular offers on Booking. You won’t find them on the hostel booking pages.

The prices differ a lot: 20 to 50% in difference is normal, compared to the hostel sites.

If you want to book a special hostel, compare the prices with TripAdvisor.

The site displays prices from 200 other booking sites.

Information about hostels in Istanbul: Free Wi-Fi is standard in Istanbul’s hotels and hostels. At most  hostels especially the hostels which have good reviews.

The ideal neighborhoods to visit, for a classic city trip to Istanbul are:

Sultanahmet (Fatih) and Beyoglu!

Almost all youth hostels organize parties and bar tours through Istanbul. Before you go, get tips on bars and clubs from the hostel staff.

This prevents scams or disappointment.

Important: Never go with anyone who approaches you on the street in front of  a club. They are 99% payed by the club or are restaurant employees!

What is happening?

You will pay the bill for your “new friend”. The bill will  certainly be higher than stated on the card.

For all other questions about Poshtel in Istanbul: Follow my Istanbul travel guide.

Do you have any questions about hostels in Istanbul or would you like to recommend a hostel? Write them in the comment column.