Traditions in Turkey

The Pestemal, the traditional Turkish towel

Pestemal is one of the many symbols of Turkish culture. The characteristic hamam cloth, which in Turkish is called Pestemal, is part of the Turkish tradition.

The origin of Pestemal

It is thought that Pestemal originated in Anatolia in the 13th century and was used by the Turks during the moments spent at the hamam. Born from the Roman baths, the Turkish hamam became part of Turkish culture around the 11th century.

Going to the hamam, in Turkey, is a widespread tradition among all walks of life, an opportunity to purify oneself but also to meet up with friends and socialise.

Initially the Pestemal was simple and ordinary, but it soon became representative of the social status of the hamam users or the situation of a girl, it was clear whether she was single or married through the colours and patterns of the towel she uses. The women of the Ottoman Empire brought it to its maximum splendour, with wonderful embroidery and spectacular colours.

How to wear it?

Due to its countless qualities, the Pestemal immediately became the indispensable accessory for all Turks, starting from the need to cover up during the moments in the hamam. Men used it by tying it around the waist, women, on the other hand, used it from the chest down, or by criss-crossing it and attaching it behind the neck.

Born for the exclusive use of the hamam, nowadays Pestemal is also very popular outside Turkey, it is used for much more, such as yoga, the sauna or the sea. I myself have several that I always carry with me during my days at the beach or in the park.

But what is pestemal?

It is a much thinner towel than the classic Western towel that we all usually have. This obviously makes it lighter, but it does not make it less suitable for absorption. The typical and original processing means that it absorbs as much as a classic towel and that it will absorb more and more over time.

So many reasons to have your Pestemal

The colours and patterns of Pestemal make it an aesthetically beautiful product. Many also use it as an all-over cover or as a runner over tights or jeans!

Its softness is undoubtedly a huge advantage. The Pestemal remains soft even over time and is so light and space-saving that it will become impossible to not take it with you everywhere.