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 Tips on buying a Caydanlik (Turkish tea maker)!

Do you want to buy a Caydanlik?

Or do you want to know more about the Turkish tea maker?

I will give brief answers to the most frequently asked questions.

A caydanlik consists of two jugs and is most commonly used as a Turkish tea maker.

It has a two-parts, one stacked on top of the other. Tea leaves are placed in the upper part, which is called the demlik. Water is heated in the lower kettle (Caydanlik). It can be heated on a regular stovetop.

There’s a similar tea machine called Semaver which is heated by a heating duct or heating coils which are installed inside the water compartment.

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Buying tips & recommendations

Tea making & ingredients

The semaver / samovar

Making tea in a caydanlik is not difficult. However, you have make little more effort than you would with a normal tea bag. But your efforts will be rewarded with a unique and satisfying cup of tasty tea.

I suggest that you only use real Turkish tea. It seems to work better, and you’ll notice a difference in taste compared to other teas.

The most crucial tips for buying a Caydanlik

You can choose between traditional models made of porcelain and/or copper. They can be heated on a stove or with a heating shaft inside (semaver) filled with charcoal / kerosene.

Modern caydanliks heat water for your tea through a heating coil. In other words, you don’t need a hotplate. This type is made of stainless steel or plastic, depending on the quality.

If you are buying a caydanlik for the first time, read my summary of how to prepare tea with a caydanlik below in the article. This should make your decision to buy easier.

You can order a Caydanlik or Semaver via Amazon. There is a large selection of different models in different price ranges.

When buying, you should always pay attention to the quality. This means that you can still enjoy your Caydanlik for many years to come.

It is important to have a strainer for the tea, a good material (stainless steel, porcelain) and good workmanship.

Turkish tea set

You can buy a caydanlik that is good and cheap at the same time with this Turkish tea set from Oriental Living. It is a bargain especially for the price-conscious and newcomers to the Turkish tea culture. The price, of course, corresponds to the quality. Nevertheless, this tea set should be able to accompany you for a few years.

For the tea set with a Ceydanlik, 6 tea glasses with saucers, 6 teaspoons and a sieve insert for the teapot.

Electric Caydanlik

The water is heated by a stainless-steel heating element. The capacity is 1.7 litters. Top – The keep warm function.

With it, you can drink tea all day without a lot of effort. The lower part can be used independently as a kettle.

This Semaver promises a high-quality production from stainless steel. It is heated inside by a heating coil. Once the water is warm, you can enjoy your tea all day long.

For the occasional tea drinker, it is not so well suited. It would be an exaggeration to have three litres of water ready.

He will find a better place in a larger group or in the family. In terms of price, the quality of the production and independence from a stove is of course a little reflected.

The slightly cheaper Semaver from Mulex consists of a kettle and a porcelain teapot.

The tea preparation with a Caydanlik

A short guide to the correct preparation of a tea the Turkish way. This is the easiest way to explain the individual components of a caydanlik and their use.

Water is poured into the lidless lower kettle (Caydanlik). The matching teapot (Demlik) closes the kettle like a lid.

For a tea glass, you should add a teaspoon of Turkish tea to the demlik. Only use real Turkish tea. You will notice a difference in taste.

The tea is rinsed in the demlik with cold water. To do this, swirl the water back and forth in the jug a few times. Pour it out as soon as possible. This will remove dust and small tea particles. (High-quality products have a sieve through which the tea leaves cannot be poured out.)

Next you put the two parts together and put them on a stove / fireplace / or switch them on (electrically).

The resulting heat releases the aromas in the Demlik.

As soon as the water boils in the teapot, it is poured into the teapot. This step is especially important because it affects the strength of the tea. If you add too much water it will get pretty weak.

Then the two jugs are put back on top of each other and the heat is reduced so much that the water is just simmering.

The tea water must be left to soak on the hotplate for at least 10 minutes (better 15). The tea is ready when the leaves no longer float on the surface of the water.

The resulting tea brew is diluted according to your own taste with the remaining water from the lower kettle. Mixtures in the ratio of 1: 4 to 1: 2 are common.

Turkey has its own name for the two variants of the mixture. The weaker, light mixture is called acik cay. The stronger mixture is called demli cay.

Finally, the tea is sweetened. In Turkey, either two pieces of brown or white sugar are usually added for this.


For tea preparation without a stove, there is a caydanlik similar to the Russian samovar (Turkish semaver). They are heated with charcoal or kerosene using a heating shaft located inside the boiler.

Electric heating coils are used in modern tea kettles. They are not as easy to use outdoors as their traditional predecessors.

The caydanlik is the most iconic piece of furniture in Turkish cuisine

The caydanlik is one of the most memorable kitchen utensils in Turkish cuisine.

Since tea was first grown in Turkey over 70 years ago, it has established itself as an integral part of the culture. You can find more information and tips on buying a Caydanlik at

You can order a Caydanlik from Amazon.