Turkish cuisine

How to prepare Ayran ?

What is Ayran ? Refreshing yogurt-based drink. Milk? No, Ayran!

Anyone who looks at this drink usually exclaims “So, do you drink milk to accompany your dishes?” Actually, ayran is not milk at all. It is a refreshing yogurt-based drink.

It is highly appreciated by all Turks, it is drunk to accompany various dishes, such as lahmacun (Turkish pizza with minced meat) or any meat-based dish.

I know more than one person who had an initially dubious reaction upon seeing the beverage. But once tasted, with the right dish, they were all enchanted.

Now I will explain how to make this delicious beverage in your own home.

Ingredients to prepare Ayran

Here are the ingredients for making this yogurt drink, a refreshing yogurt-based drink.

  • 2 glasses of yogurt, possibly Greek
  • 4 glasses of cold water
  • Fresh mint leaves (if you like)
  • 1 teaspoon salt

Here’s how to prepare the ayran. First, we need to beat the yogurt and a glass of water, until the yogurt becomes smooth, without lumps.

Add the salt and the remaining water and beat again, then put the preparation in the fridge. This drink must be consumed very cold.

Have you ever read such a short preparation? Definitely not… so I really invite you to give it a try and let me know what you think.


Around Istanbul, you will see Turks drinking tea, coffee, ayran or vişne suyu (black cherry juice). But the ayran remains the most desired and sought after drink during the hot summer days.

I prepare it regularly at home and drink it throughout the day, both to refresh myself and to feel a little like I am in Turkey.


When I was a child, once a month, my mother made lahmacun and ayran at home. My French friends all loved being at my house “by chance” that day. What a coincidence…!