Turkish cuisine

How to cook Peynirli Pide ?

The recipe for baked Peynirli pide bread, a Turkish favourite.

I have told you several times about the pide stuffed with cheese. Now is the time to reveal the Peynirli pide recipe. If you are used to cooking pizza or bread at home, this recipe will be very simple for you. Those who are not used to it, please try to make it; I’m sure that the taste will leave you enchanted.

Pide also exists with other toppings, such as spiced mince, spinach and cheese for example.

The ingredients for the Peynirli pide recipe

Here are the ingredients to prepare 4 Peynirli pide.

200 ml of hot water

½ packet of dry yeast

20 grams of sugar

10 gr of salt

300 grams of flour 0

Olive oil

Flour for processing

1 egg for brushing

300 grams of grated cheese, such as gouda or cheddar (I’m assuming you don’t have Turkish kaşar in the fridge!)

How to prepare pide

In a bowl, mix well the hot water, sugar and yeast. We let it rest for 15 minutes to get a little bubbly.

Mix the flour and salt separately. We make a well in the middle and add the contents of our earlier preparation with water. We knead well until obtaining a homogeneous result that is not sticky. Once our nice dough is obtained, we place it in a lightly greased bowl. It must rise for about an hour (it must double in volume).

While mixing the egg and the oil, which will be used to spread over the edges of the pide, we preheat our oven to the maximum temperature.

Once the dough is doubled, we place it on the floured work surface. Let’s give it a few taps to let the air seep out. After that, we have to create a sausage that we will divide into 4 parts, each part in turn, must become a ball.

Now, each of these balls must be kneaded, first by squeezing it between your hands, then worked with a rolling pin to give them an elongated oval shape (usually 30-40 cm by about 15 in width, but it also depends on the size of your oven). If needed, pull with your hands to stretch the dough as much as possible. At this point, we need to squeeze the tips and fold the edges, to create a “boat” effect that will be stuffed.

Italian friends, we are almost done, I know you are getting hungry … but still a little more patience …

Let’s move on to the filling and bake

We make our pides with grated cheese and brush all edges with the preparation made with egg and oil.

We place our pides on one or two trays (always according to the possibilities of the home oven!), And cook 15 minutes maximum (my oven requires just over 10 minutes if I bake them two by two). How do you know when they are finished?  The pides must be golden.